At chick*u*do, we believe in the power of big ideas and simple solutions. Children are capable — and actually enjoy — contributing to their families.

Our mission is to improve family dynamics by providing well-designed, functional tools that encourage independence and empower children. We are inspired to develop responsible world citizens.

chick*u*do products are…

Always remember that you and your child are on the same team. Strengthen your relationship by treating your child as an equal participant, valuing his or her thoughts and opinions.

Take advantage of the creative learning opportunities that daily life presents. Help your children build real world skills ranging from activism to organization, eating to etiquette, rest to responsibility, and much more.

Powered by design thinking, our products are free from clutter and easy to use. Materials are carefully selected for functionality, environmental impact, and beauty.

Hatching independent kids, chick*u*do products help kids define their place in the family and the world at large. Now let’s get crackin’!