Two moms with busy schedules working to raise independent kids. Sound familiar?

Believe it or not, it all started with Reading Lolita in Tehran at our very first — and overly formal — book club meeting. As fellow Ohioans, we clicked instantly.The next decade brought significant change. Growing families not only brought more responsibility but also new perspectives. The importance of work-family balance ultimately lead to freelance marketing and design careers which fostered our ability to collaborate.

Fueled by coffee and compassion, our friendship and professional ties deepened. No topic was too personal, no client question taboo.

With 5 kids in the picture, we are constantly looking for new ways to help our families run more efficiently and encourage our children to take responsibility for both their daily lives and the world at large. We quickly realized that we are not alone.

Armed with analogous parenting philosophies and a complimentary skill set, we launched chick*u*do in 2016 to empower our own children — and an entire generation. Our u*do*meal series, encourages kids to eat better by teaching them about nutrition, giving them control over their diet, and increasing their involvement with purchasing, packing, and preparation.

We hope our products help you “hatch independent kids” of your own!

Lani has over a decade of experience leading strategic marketing, messaging, and social media efforts for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and media outlets including Turner Broadcasting. Lani’s combination of data analytics and strategic insight has helped organizations better understand audiences and what motivates them. She studied computer information systems at the University of Michigan.

Marla has over a decade of experience working as a graphic designer, writer, and brand consultant. Marla’s thoughtful and studied approach to the market has been used to both launch new companies and strengthen local and national brands. She studied marketing communications at the University of Pennsylvania and holds a certificate in graphic design from Portfolio Center.