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I’m Breaking Up

I’m Breaking Up A decade into the smart phone revolution, mobile devices have become ubiquitous. Raising the first generation of ‘digital natives’ has many challenges, and one of the biggest is modeling the tech behaviors that you preach. This November, I have decided to break up with my phone. Don’t worry, you can still reach […]

Back to School Goals

Back to school season provides a prime opportunity to introduce new routines and increase responsibilities. Kids are often excited for a fresh start and eager to stretch a bit outside their comfort zone. Here are some parenting goals to consider as we head into a new year. 1. Get on Schedule Getting off on the […]

Summer Recharge

May is the new December. Flooded by after school-activities, state testing, and end-of-the-year deadlines, most of us burnout. Some consider it a sprint to the finish line, but in our house it’s more of a crawl. The good news is that we made it! Summer is the perfect time for families to slow down and […]

Are You a Free-Range Parent?

Would you let your 9-year-old ride the New York City subway alone? In 2008 Lenore Skenazy did. After writing a column about leaving her son in Bloomingdale’s with a subway map, a MetroCard, and a $20 bill, she was labeled “America’s worst mom” by national media outlets across the political spectrum including the Today show, MSNBC, Fox News […]

Are You a Responsible Digital Citizen?

Lately I’ve been having a lot of conversations about what it means to be a responsible digital citizen. From hardcover books to articles published by the New York Times, you’ve probably noticed at least some of the ink given to the topic. Statistics about Generation Z are alarming, especially the fact that overall measures of […]

Is Smartphone Addiction a Thing?

The Case for Technology Rules Mobile phones are everywhere these days, flooding our lives with both the literal beeps and figurative noise of a 24-hour news cycle and social media feed. The relentless pull of digital distractions can be particularly difficult for young people with less developed impulse control than adults. Recent headlines reflect growing unease […]

Defining “Kindependence”

Do you find yourself asking difficult questions at the end of the year? And setting (sometimes unattainable) goals to change the whole world order every January? At chick*u*do, we spent the majority of 2017 discussing the concept of “kindependence.” To be successful in life, every child needs to practice being independent — with a dash […]

The Green Kitchen Gift Guide

With the new year approaching, it’s a great time to make a family resolution to reduce household waste. The following items will make great stocking stuffers for family and friends. Mesh Produce Bags By now, we’ve all seen — and hopefully used — reusable grocery bags, but think about how much additional plastic your family […]

Giving Back

As the holiday season approaches, many parents face the annual question of “how much is too much?” From sweets treats to gifts galore, American families face a slippery slope towards spoiling our next generation. Encourage gratitude in your family’s attitude this holiday season by blocking off some time to give back. No matter what your […]

Seeing Environmental Problems — and Solutions

This morning I stumbled upon our family copy of 101 Places You Gotta See Before You’re 12. I’m sad to report that this little gem appears to be out of print, but flipping through the book reminded me about the power of experiential learning. If you want to encourage your kids to become good stewards […]