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Walk the Walk Wednesday, Vol 2

The Value of Food Ah, the dreaded “lunchbox dump.” And I’m not talking about those super cute dump truck lunch boxes at Target. I mean the massive disappointment of emptying a seemingly UNTOUCHED lunch tray directly into the garbage after a long day of work. Frustrating, isn’t it? The United States Department of Agriculture estimates […]

To Be — or Not to Be — an App

There’s an App for That. Yes, we all remember that classic 2009 iPhone 3G Commercial. When we first floated the idea of u*do*lunch, many folks asked if we would be building an app. The more we brainstormed, the more enthusiastic we became about an “off-line” tool. As we observed our kids’ media habits, we saw […]

Launching u*do*lunch

We have had a busy year gearing up for this launch that it’s hard to believe it’s finally here. We realize that the u*do*lunch product is not yet in stock, but we should have it in hand very soon! Please continue to check back with our store, but also here in our blog. We plan […]