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Hacking It: Simplifying Lunch

Regardless of whether your family uses our u*do*lunch product, weekday lunches do not need to be complicated. Here are some quick and easy suggestions to simplify the process:

  1. Get creative.
    Your child wants a vegetable or fruit, yet you find that the majority of what you buy spoils before you finish it? Who says that the produce needs to be fresh? Today’s frozen produce options come packed with almost the same nutritional value as fresh (and in some instances, even more if picked ripe and in season). It’s a great idea to keep frozen vegetables and fruits in your house! This way, your kids can pack these as part of lunch the night before and only use what is needed for lunch. It’s a win-win in your house = kids get what they want and you reduce waste (for more on waste, see last week’s blog)!
  2. Be flexible.
    If you want your kids to try new foods, allow them to try them in a variety of ways. Yes, we realize that several of our vegetables in u*do*lunch are a little loose (potatoes are usually more of a starch, as are corn muffins). You want your kids to try olives? Why not start with olive bread? Set rules so that your child isn’t constantly picking the starch option as the vegetable. And use this time to explain both variety and nutritional values. Even if you don’t think he/she is listening, we bet you’re wrong (and hey, isn’t it worth being wrong here?).
  3. Have fun!
    Your kids watch everything you do. Have fun with the process and your kids will pick up on it. Does your kid like nut butter (or sunbutter) but is tired of sandwiches? We don’t blame them! Try something slightly different — like a banana dog! Spread nut butter on a bun, and pack an unpeeled banana (so it doesn’t turn brown). You kid can assemble their own banana dog at lunch.

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