The Novelty Has Worn Off. Now What?

Have you ever engaged your children in activity and they are excited at first but the enthusiasm is quickly replaced with anxiety of just another thing to do? How do you cope when the novelty wears off? Because guess what?! The novelty will wear off!

When it comes to activities with kids, it is critical to teach them what to do beyond their initial excitement. Otherwise, it becomes just another thing – an activity, a toy, a game, – that gets tossed to the side.

At chick*u*do, we believe that children are active and contributing members of their households. When we engage our kids in the everyday processes, we teach them lifelong skills. “Novelty wears off with tools; it’s inevitable and in fact good. When it happens it becomes time for the serious work to happen. Novelty is replaced by commitment to the cause.” -Andy Mort, Author.

That novelty is what gets us excited initially, and it can also be what gets our kids excited. But after that fades, we are faced with the choice: to commit to the endeavor or to go after the next shiny object. And as a parent, one of your jobs is to teach your children this delicate balance. Does it always work? No. Should we always commit? No. But facing those no’s is equally important as teaching kids to also trudge through what may eventually seem mundane.

At chick*u*do, we started our company with u*do*lunch as we believe it is a great launching point to engage parents and school-age children. As our tagline indicates, we are committed to working to “hatch independent kids” and are planning to do more than help kids plan lunches. We want to help you see those hatchlings off!

“If you want to teach, to change minds or to cause action, a consistent curriculum is always better than a single event.” -Seth Godin, Renowned Speaker & Author.

Novelty is fun at first – but commit to making routine. After all, a wise person once said “practice makes pattern.” Aiming for patterns in our lives and our children’s lives makes everyone life easier without the added pressure of trying to achieve the unattainable. Good luck making a new pattern in your life!

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